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Gifts for Women

There is so much choice when looking for gifts for women and that's what can make it hard. Where do you even start?

A good place to start is by trying to define what type of gift you want. If the woman you are buying a gift for loves make-up, then start there or if they spend all their time in the garden, then that's the best place to start! So with that in mind, we have grouped some ideas together for gifts ideas for women who like different things.

1. Make-up Gift Ideas for Women

Make-up can be a tricky gift to buy if you don't know what brands the recipient uses or likes. If you know the brand they love and use all the time, then that makes it easier as there may be a new set out that they'd love to try. Some women use a variety of brands so if that's the case and you aren't sure what to get, then have a look at some palettes that are available that have a mix of make-up like the Charlotte Tilbury Look of Love Palette.

Charlotte Tilbury Look of Love Make-Up Palette

It's a 7-shade rose makeup palette to beautify your eyes, cheeks and complexion for a fresh, pretty, rose-kissed look!

The Palette includes: 

A. EYE BRIGHTEN: A sheer, rose-toned sparkle to WIDEN AND BRIGHTEN the LOOK of eyes formulated in NEW! INNOVATION DIAMOND FILTER TEXTURE.

B. EYE ENHANCE: A rose taupe that adds a soft radiance to the eyes. ELONGATES and LIFTS the LOOK of the outer corners.

C. EYE SMOKE: A cool caramel matte for QUICK and EASY SCULPTING and DEFINITION. Can also be used as a liner!

D. FACE BRONZE: ICONIC Filmstar Bronzer in Light/Medium for a SUNKISSED BRONZE to CONTOUR and SCULPT the LOOK of your cheekbones.

E. FACE HIGHLIGHT: Drip candlelight onto the skin with Charlotte’s Filmstar highlighter glow. A SMOOTHING, ILLUMINATING champagne shade to add GLOW!

F. CHEEK POP: A fresh, glowing pinky-peach to mimic skin’s natural flush. Apply high on the cheeks for an INSTANT BRIGHTENING EFFECT!

G. FACE POWDER:The 1-SOLD-EVERY-MINUTE* Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder in Fair/Medium, AWARD-WINNING, SMOOTHING, PORE-BLURRING EFFECT powder! It's a red-carpet must-have for PORELESS, FLAWLESS LOOKING SKIN!

We love the Charlotte Tilbury brand here at Gift Fairy as the make-up looks great and the packaging is beautiful. Charlotte Tilbury also does a lot of virtual events and videos to show how the products can be used which is hugely helpful. There are also a lot of new products launched all the time which makes it an exciting brand. It's great to try new things!

The Charlotte Tilbury skincare is also amazing. I have just bought the Super Radiance Resurfacing Facial. I've used it twice and like it but I still love the Clay Mask the best as it gives instant results. 

2. Garden Gift Ideas for Women

For a keen gardener, good garden gloves are a must! Next have some cute ones available at the minute but they are also available in a wide variety of shops and garden centers.

Garden Gloves for Women

Another great gift idea for women who love to garden is a nice hand cream. Even with garden gloves, hands can get dry and cracked especially when hosing so a hand cream is always a good idea. Rituals have some beautiful hand creams and the size is good so they can carried in a bag too. 

If you'd prefer to get a gift for the garden, then a pot is a nice gift idea. M&S do different ranges from time to time and some are very colourful. Portuguese style terra-cotta pots make a great gift for the garden.

Another nice gift idea for women for the garden are solar lights. These adorable rabbits are available on Amazon and look super cute just outside the porch or in the back garden and they are also small enough to look great on balconies too!

Rabbits Solar Lights


 3. Stationery Gift Ideas for Woman

Stationery is a great gift for women, whether they work from home or in the office, or just like writing in journals. There are some very pretty stationery sets available. The brand Paperchase always brings out some really nice collections. One of their collections is my personal favourite and that was their floral collection. Look at how cute the pear sticky notes are!

Paperchase Stationery Gift Ideas

 In terms of Journals, we recommend Moleskine Journals as the quality is great , they are a perfect size and they bring out limited edition collections which is what makes them a great gift idea. Their limited editions are based on different things too so keep an eye out for them!

Moleskine Journal

Another good stationery gift idea are Cross Pens. The reason I love Cross Pens are due to how they feel when you are using them to write - such a nice grip and they've some beautiful pens available. This one is exquisite! It's the Botanica Green Daylily Ballpoint Pen. The finish is a radiant green and ivory palette sparkles with 23KT gold plate inlays and appointments. It was inspired by the beautiful floral patterns used in henna designs. Cross Pen

 4. Clothes Gift Ideas for Women

This is a gift to buy if you're buying for a woman that you're really close to and you know her style well! You'll also need to know her size. But if you'd like to buy some new clothes, a good gift idea for women are cardigans as you can dress them up or down and wear them at different times and with different outfits throughout the year. Just one thing to note if buying clothes-check the returns policy. Even if you know the size, as we all know, sizes can vary.

A great idea for a cardigan is to buy an oversized chunky knit. They make great gifts as they are super cosy but look so stylish too. We love this Willow & Clay one that Jessica Alba was seen wearing. She matched hers with all black and it looks fantastic.

Jessica Alba Cardigan

Some of my favorite cardigans are from Abercrombie and Fitch - they don't have the logos on them - they are plain but nice colours and great quality. Really comfortable to wear!

5. Accessories Gift Ideas for Women

Accessories as a gift idea is great. We love the Kylie Scrunchies that are available inside our Pamper Box. You can check them out here

We love them them because you get three inside one box, they are big and protect the hair and come in pretty colours.

Other great accessories ideas are hair clips and costume jewelry. Zara bring out a great range every year with some fun pieces that are very on trend and colourful. Baublebar is a great website for accessories too as all the pieces are fun and there are different price ranges available. Their earrings and ear cuffs look gorgeous on!

Baublebar Accessories for Women




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