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Terms and Conditions

Terms of service


  1. General provisions

Please read these General Terms and Conditions carefully before making custom orders through the website .By ordering custom orders through this website, you automatically consent to these General Terms and Conditions. This also includes orders made via email and the customizer tool. 

  1. Order process and conclusion of this contract

2.1. The order process via our website consists of several steps. First, email us to let us know what you are looking for. If you want us to design your sweater, we will design one based on your instructions. If we create the design, this design belongs to us and cannot be used by a different vendor or supplier.  If you have a design, please send it through. Second, you must provide your customer data, including the billing address and delivery address (if different). Third, when you confirm the final design and quantity, we will send an Invoice. Fourth, production begins only when full payment has been made.

2.2. If, for any reason, we are unable to fulfil your order, we shall notify you by e-mail.

2.3. You shall guarantee that the personalisation of our products according to your order does not violate any third-party rights and that you are entitled to assign this right to us. You shall agree that no intellectual property rights result from your personalisation. If you have intellectual property rights, these will be transferred to us. To the extent to which such transfer is invalid, you shall grant us an exclusive and limited licence free of charge to use you personalisation as well as to copy, process, amend and present it in public, to digitalise, produce and to distribute it as well as the right to sublicense this right (or parts of it). We reserve the right to use an example of your sweater and your name and logo and your sweater images on our website. If you do not wish us to do so, please express same in writing.

2.4. You agree that you have no right to assert any claim against us or other parties if personalisations identical or similar to yours are used or planned by others.

2.5. Since this is a custom-made product manufactured in China  on the basis of your specifications, you have no right to revoke, cancel or return your order. Any legal warranty rights shall not be affected by this. If payment is made by credit card, you agree to indemnify Roody Originals for any loss, expense and/or damage as a result of a credit card chargeback or any other dispute arising from the processing of the credit card transaction. Should the amount be disputed at any time by the cardholder, the transaction becomes due and owing immediately. In relation to any disputes, the Jurisdiction and Governing Law is Ireland. 

2.6. These sweaters and hats are custom made for you and as such requirements for apparel varies in different countries. It is your responsibility to ensure this. If you require any testing or extra labelling or size checks, this can be done by a third party. The cost of this will be yours.

2.7. You shall bear all costs resulting from unsuccessful delivery if it is impossible to deliver the goods to you because they are too big for your house or flat entrance door or for the staircase, or because you were not available at your provided delivery address or the delivery address provided is incorrect.

2.8 Roody Originals reserves the right to choose the most suitable technique for each order based on fabric type, design and order quantity. We use a variety of different knitting machines and factories and update them regularly.  In terms of the yarn and gauge used, this will vary for different machines and different sweaters based on different designs.

2.9 As these are custom made and knitted in, finished product may vary from the sample image. Samples are normally made in size large and as such if sweaters were ordered in different sizes, each design will vary from the sample. This may result with sleeves not aligning with body pattern and some of the body pattern missing depending on the size.  We reserve the right to select a shade of the color you chose that works best for the particular design.Due to the practice of batch processing knitted goods when they are dyed, we cannot guarantee consistency of color on garments from dye lot to dye lot or from one order to the next. Results of the sweaters will never be exactly as per the design as these are knitted in and not printed so there will be some variation from the design to the finished product.

2.9.1The hats are also custom made and knitted in and as such the finished product may vary from the sample image sent. Results of the hats will never be exactly as per the design as these are knitted in and not printed. The pattern is also knitted in and as such may be missing some of the design and some may be cut off at seams. There will be some variance between sizes of the hats of the bulk production order as each hat is custom made. We reserve the right to select a shade of the color you chose. Due to the practice of batch dying we can not guarantee consistency of color. 

2.10 The positioning of the design may vary from the sample image. We use our best judgment in determining position and size for logos and artwork. If you want us to use an exact size, you must email the exact dimensions to us before production begins. These are made with knitting machines so flexibility is required for the machine to knit the design into the yarn. While we cannot guarantee we will be able to meet your exact specifications we will make every effort to. If you order more than one size please note that the design will look different per size to take into account the different size measurements. For rush orders, a sample will not be made and as such the bulk production will follow your design as closely as the knitting allows. We also reserve the right to select a color that is in stock to use for your design. 

2.11 If you require any specific iteration of the artwork file to be used, this must be stated clearly via email before production begins. While we cannot guarantee we will be able to meet your exact specifications we will make every effort to.If a particular fabric or color is out of stock, we reserve the right to substitute with one of a similar fabric and color. The design you submit is the final and approved design. Any changes to the design after the sample has been made will cause delays to your order and an extra charge.

2.12 Labels. Sweaters will have the Roody Originals labels with the country of origin (Made in China) on the same label. We ship worldwide so if you have any specific country label requirements you must let us know before production begins. It is your responsibility if selling to a third party that the correct labels are used. We use standard care labels. If selling to a third party it is your responsibility to give the correct care instructions and labels. 

2.13 Sizes. We use unisex sizes. The sizes we use are our own size charts and this can vary depending on the design. If you wish to see the size chart, email us prior to placing an order. If for whatever reason, you want us to use your own dimensions or different sizes other than or normal unisex ones, we will use the dimensions and follow them as closely as possible. We do not accept liability is the sizes are not the same as other size charts. As these sweaters are knitted the sizes will never be exact. It is your responsibility to measure the sweaters for correct measurements if selling to a third party.

2.14 We will give estimates of production timelines. These are estimates only and do not take into account shipping time. The sweaters are shipped directly from the factory in China. The estimates do not take into account any delays that may happen in production due to extra colors requested, custom labels required, specific sizes needed and any changes you may make. Please note that any timelines given by us are subject to prompt payment and fast sample approval. Any delays with making payment and approving samples will result in production delays. We have no control over shipping or customs. Any delays caused by shipping or  customs is out of our control.