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Golf Gifts

It's the perfect time to buy a golf gift especially after Phil Mickelson's phenomenal win which made him the oldest winner of a Major by lifting the Wanamaker Trophy as the US PGA champion. Golf attracts a wide range of players, all different ages, and that can make it daunting trying to select a golf gift. If you have a golfer in your life, then you'll know the only gift they want is a golf gift. But if you don't play golf yourself, then it's not that easy to select golf gifts. That's where we can help. Check out some ideas for golf gifts below which include a personalised golf gift option.


This is something that every golfer needs and it's relatively easy to buy. Just make sure to choose a brand as that will make sure the golf gift goes down a treat! There are many brands to choose from when selecting a golf hat from Nike to Titleist to TaylorMade. There are also different types of headwear that are suitable for golf from caps to  beanies to visors. We love the Callaway brand here at Gift Fairy and in particular the caps. They have a number of different caps and a couple of their most popular ones are their mesh fitted caps and TA performance Pro caps. The TA Performance Pro caps combine a semi structured design and mid profile to create a lightweight hat that's high on performance and great on Tour. The mesh fitted cap features an A Flex fitted design with cotton twill for a mid profile look. Both are comfortable to wear. They come in a  variety of colours too. 

Why choose Callaway?

The founder Ely Callaway once said:

“I’m not a good enough salesman to sell a mediocre product.”

He wanted to create premium products and asked his team to create products that were “pleasingly different and demonstrably superior.”

Golf Gifts

The products they created include clubs and balls that have helped golfers of all skill levels improve the quality of their games, metalwoods and irons that help you hit longer, straighter shots, high-spinning wedges that help you stop the ball fast, great-rolling putters that help you sink more putts, balls that deliver a variety of combinations of distance, flight characteristics, spin and soft feel.

Due to their desire to constantly create innovative and high performance golf equipment, they need to have a deep understanding and knowledge of the game which they have and continue to improve on. That means that the product you buy, the Callaway product, will be a premium product and one that has the game of golf and the player in mind. That's why selecting a brand for headwear as a golf gift is a good decision to make. 

Golf Balls

This is a gift that is often overlooked in the golf gift section as some people often think that the person they are buying the golf gift for has enough balls already. But the truth is that you can never have enough! So many of them go missing that most golfers are constantly looking for new balls so golf balls are a great gift. They even come in nice little boxes so it is something that you can buy as a stand alone gift or you can buy a few to add to other items.

Golf Accessories 

Don't confuse golf gadgets with golf accessories. The two are very different! Golf gadgets tend to look fun and sound fun but generally, they are not used. Most golfers like gifts that are practicable. There are some great golf accessories available. One set we love here at Gift Fairy is the Golf cleaning set as it contains a multifunctional golf ball marker, a golf club brush and a golf towel kit. It also comes with a foldable divot repair tool with golf marker and a golf club cleaner. The brush can be used to clean golf clubs and the dirt in the grooves of the club due to one side of the brush being wire and the other side nylon. The towel is a soft microfiber and due to that it has good water absorption. 

The set is small in size and lightweight so it is convenient for the golfer to take out on the golf course with them. 

Scorecard Holder-Perfect gift if you want a personalised golf gift

These are handy littles things for a golfer to have but CarveOn have a stunning set that you can opt to have personalised. Their set includes an engraved wooden gift box that contains a matching leather scorecard holder and golf bag tag, both of which can be personalised. The golf bag tag includes a removable card for your details. Stainless steel screw fittings and matching leather strap attach it securely to your golf bag. It's a gorgeous gift and can be found here. 

If you opt to put a name, initials or custom text on the tag and scorecard, that's free and it makes it a really special golf gift. 

Golf Gifts

If the person you are buying the golf gift for doesn't use or need a score card, then you can also buy the tag separately.  The golf bag tag is made from luxurious Italian leather and there is a stainless steel screw on it so that it can be attached to the golf bag securely. It is crafted from 4oz vegetable tanned Tuscan leather, and each golf bag tag is made to order. The personalisation option adds an extra wow factor for the recipient and shows the great craftsmanship that goes into these wonderful little tags.

Also, the same applies if you want the score card but not the tag. The score cards can be bought separately also. 

Golf Gift Box

This is the perfect gift if you're looking to give the recipient a few golf treats! You can either make your own or buy one. We have one available here at Gift Fairy and it comes in a beautiful magnetic black box with tissue paper and ribbon. We have included only products that we like and we know that golfers love. If you'd like to make your own golf gift box, then we suggest starting with an empty box and adding a few branded products that the recipient needs. Good Luck!


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