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Housewarming Gifts

If you're looking for a housewarming gift for someone then think about where they have just moved from. If they have just moved from one house to another, then chances are they may already have everything they need. If that's the case, there are some great housewarming gifts you can give that would be suitable regardless of what they have. 


Candles make really nice housewarming gifts. They look great and leave a lingering sweet scent around the house. There are different fragrances available (including fragrance free) so there is something that will suit everyone. When buying a candle as a housewarming gift, a good idea is to buy a large one with three wicks. If you're buying for a friend or family member on their new home, then they will likely have other visitors so a candle is something they can use. 

There are candles that suit every budget and many well known brands available. We love Yankee Candles here at Gift Fairy and there are many different size options available at Yankee. Rituals have some beautiful candles too.

If you'd like something a little different but along the lines of a candle, the check out Cote Noire. They have a range of candles but they also have fragranced flowers. The flowers are in small vases and are set in a gel infused with fine fragrance.

Each flower is skilfully hand crafted and uses a special, natural coating to give every petal a natural touch appearance.

Enclosed with your natural touch flower is a bottle of gardenia-scented perfume, which you can spray directly onto the petals to refresh and enhance the scent. 



Another nice housewarming gift is a throw. Foxford have a stunning collection of throws including a range of their classic throw collection. One of their most popular throws and a throw that makes a great gift is the Foxford Bone Herringbone Throw. Designed and crafted in the West of Ireland, this stunning throw is made from 100% Merino Wool and can be purchased directly from Foxford here

There are different throws available so check out the sizes and different styles. A throw is perfect for different things like just sitting on the couch, over the bed or draped around shoulders if sitting out the back reading a book at night. They are also ideal to add a bit of an extra finish to a room due to the colours and quality. 

Foxford Throw

Gift Hamper

A gift hamper is another great housewarming gift as you can make it personalised and add in a few things they will need that won't go out of date. It can be a food hamper and include standard things most people use like sugar, tea , coffee . But it doesn't have to be a food hamper. It can be a hamper that is filled with toiletries. If opting for something like this, get an empty wicker basket and fill it with things like soap, hand wash, shower gel, shampoo etc. They are items that will be really appreciated in a new home. 

Artificial Flowers

Flowers (real) are obviously a nice gift idea for a housewarming gift but you may want to give a gift that lasts longer. Artificial flowers make a fantastic housewarming gift as the quality of some of them is so amazing that they look real. Some are quite expensive but generally you get what you pay for when it comes to this item. You can either buy a few and put them together in a nice bouquet, buy a ready made bouquet or buy an arrangement. There are some gorgeous arrangements available for centerpieces. 


Cookie Jars

A Cookie Jar is a beautiful housewarming gift. If you're unsure of what style to get or colour as you haven't seen the kitchen yet, a good option is to opt for a glass cookie jar. The Kardashians have multiple glass cookie jars inside their homes. They are more like stand alone features than simply just another cookie jar. If you'd like to also add a personal touch to the gift, you can fill the hat with cookies! Take a look at the video below to see how Khloe Kardashian fills hers. Use any type of biscuit you like or better still, make some cookies!

Ceramic Pots and Pot Accessories

Ceramic pots make a great housewarming gift even if the new homeowner doesn't like to garden as you can choose one that is suitable for the indoors. You can even buy a nice plant to put into it and accessorise it with pot hangers which can add a really cute and fun touch. Pot hangers normally come in the shape of animals like hedgehogs, rabbits, even dogs and the cling to the edge of the pot as if they are trying to climb in. Very fun and available in garden centers! 

An Ornament

You may want to give something physical that they can keep for a long time and even if they move to several more new places that they call home. If so, Lladro have stunning ornaments and figurines that suit a variety of tastes. The work and quality of Lladro pieces is simply breathtaking. They have some really fun pieces too. Check out this monkey vase which you can order directly from Laldro!

Lladro Monkey Vase

Lladro created this vase in porcelain to reflect just how intelligent and sociable monkeys are. There are around 260 species of monkeys in the world, many of which are under serious threat of extinction. In addition, the monkey is attributed with many qualities such as the ability to overcome challenges, steadfastness and tireless energy. The vase showcases their inquisitive character. Because our planet and all the species that inhabit it need this kind of care and attention.

The vase was designed and handmade in Spain. 



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