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Personalised Gifts

Personalised Gifts relate to pretty much how it sounds-gifts that are personal. And this means different things to different people.

How do I personalise my gift?

1. Add a personal note

You can add a personal note with any orders placed with us here at Gift Fairy. We added this option because the gifts can be sent directly to the recipient so it was important that a note could be added if required. This is a really personal touch as the note is a card and the details you want included are hand written by us here. People don't receive a lot of hand written letters or cards anymore so it's such a nice touch for people to get one with their gift and it makes it that bit more special!

2. Wrap the gift

When we started Gift Fairy, we knew one thing was very important. The packaging! So we looked at different ways to present the gifts that would work best. We love gift boxes here and the boxes we use are great quality boxes which means that they can be kept and used for other things - long after the contents have been used/eaten etc! We add filler inside the boxes, tissue paper, stickers and a bow on the outside! We wrap each box as if we are giving it to someone we love. That is what makes it really personal.

3. Add a name

This is an option that you should be careful with when selection personalised gifts. If a name is added to everything, it actually has the opposite impact. Personalizing just one part of the gift generally works best. One way of doing it in a classy and subtle way is adding the name to a box. This is particularly good for engagement gifts, wedding gifts and bridesmaid or groomsmen gifts. 

4. Include a Photo

This can be done in a variety of ways. Photos can be printed on cushions, blankets, boxes, calendars and even magnets. But you can also have a photo printed and pop it into a normal and nice frame. It's something that not a lot of people do anymore-print their photos (they just have them on phone) so to do that and put it into a frame makes it a really nice and special gift. It's a great keepsake for someone to have and most people will really appreciate a gift like that.

5. Engrave the gift

For a really special gift for certain occasions,the option of engraving always goes down a treat, especially if it is a piece of jewellery. 

6. Buy something that's personal to the recipient

Don't confuse personalised gifts with gifts that only have a name or photo on it. A personalised gift can be something that has been bought because you know the recipient will love it. You might have designed a gift box just for them in the sense that you have selected the face mask to use and the chocolates he/she likes. There are many ways to make a gift special. The most important thing is that the recipient knows you bought it for them. It really is the thought that counts!

7. Include a Date

A lot of gifts are bought for certain occasions so if you'd like something more subtle than a name, then adding a date is a great idea. It can be small, discreet and added anywhere and is a special tough. In terms of how to add it and where to add it, that depends really on the product in question. If it's jewelry, it may be inside a ring or on a bar on a necklace so engraving works well. But if you want it on a box, it can be achieved through vinyl or if on clothing, embroidery works well. A nice tip would be a little cute embroider details on the inside or on the tag. 

When I have my personalised gift selected, how should I present it?

If you have opted for a personalised gift, then simplicity is the key but in a classy and elegant way. Depending on what it is, you can either pop it into a gift box or a gift bag. Both bags and boxes come in a variety of sizes so it really just depends on preference. Whether you opt for a box or a bag, we recommend adding a bit of tissue paper as it really finishes off the look. Match the colour of the tissue paper to one of the colours in the bag or box or to the gift tag. 

What about my dog> Can you get personalised gifts for a dog?

Of course! Some of my favourite personalised gifts that I have been gifted are for my dog! I much prefer receiving a gift with her name than with my name! Some gifts I love are:

A. A Personalised Blanket - a beautiful blanket that has her name and photo on it. 

B. A Personalised Dog Tag - the tag it personalised with her name and was engraved so it looks like great quality and feels fab!

C. A Personalised Mug -this was such a sweet gift! Not just because it is a mug that has my dog and her name but because it also has my other dog who is sadly no longer with us on it. A gorgeous keep sake. Too sweet to use!

D. A Personalised Necklace - I have my dog's name on a necklace but if you'd prefer not to have the dog's name in full, just the initial on a necklace is a great little gift! Or an initial on a bracelet looks great too. I love these little necklets below! You can find them at Fields!

Personalised Gifts


Can personalised gifts be returned?

The answer to that question really depends on where you have purchased the personalised gift from but in general, companies have a no returns policy for those sort of gifts. It makes sense - if you have added a personalised touch like a name, date or photo, then they cannot resell it. So always check the terms and conditions and return policy before you buy. If in any doubt about the gift, then opt for something like gift wrap so that it adds a personals touch but you can return if any issues!



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