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Thank You Gifts

Thank you gifts should be thoughtful gifts and gifts that the recipient can keep. The reason why you are sending a thank you gift, is to thank someone for something. So keep that in mind when you start to browse online for some options. To make it a little easier, we have some suggestions below.

Gifts from Brands that tell a Story and a make a Difference

Thoughtful gifts often include brands that have a story behind them. One brand we stock here at Gift Fairy is Only Good. We love them! And here's why!

Only Good

Only Good are a New Zealand brand and they are passionate about being 100% Palm oil free. We've all heard talk about palm oil and why we shouldn't use it but it's never really properly explained why. Palm oil is derived from the oil palm tree and is used for such things like cooking oils, fats , cosmetics and cleaning products. But the problem, as you can imagine, is that there is huge demand worldwide for palm oil. 

The biggest palm oil producers are Indonesia and Malaysia. Pal oil plantations are required to keep up with global demand but they pose a threat to rainforests (they are destroyed to make way for the plantations) and animals (they are either killed in the process of destroying the rainforests or die as a result of starvation) . Some species of animals are on the brink of extinction as a result. So, if you can, try to select palm oil free alternatives if possible. 

By purchasing an Only Good product for someone as a thank you gift, you can also tell them why you chose that item and the difference they are trying to make. Another brand to consider, especially if buying a thank you gift for a wildlife or animal lover, is Sorai. 


Sorai are committed to helping and rehabilitating endangered species. They have a shop online that sells sustainable march like  t-shirts, hoodies and caps and they use recycled material to make them. They've also just teamed up with Veldskoen to offer some amazing footwear! The footwear they've created is a luxury shoe and they created it in an effort to raise awareness and funds for the conservation of endangered species. 

Thank You Gift

The SORAI VELDSKOEN shoe is a handmade, luxury nubuck shoe, fully leather lined with TPR soles.

Profits made on the SORAI VELDSKOEN will be donated to the Kariega Foundation’s ‘Walk With Us’ campaign to maintain their active and effective Anti-Poaching Unit (APU). 

When you buy a pair of SORAI VELDSKOEN, you are helping keep the rhino at Kariega safe. What an awesome Thank You Gift!



A diffuser is a beautiful thank you gift as it is almost like giving somebody a stunning bunch of flowers, but it is something that will last much much longer. Agraria Diffusers are stunning. They come in a variety of colours and have different fragrance notes. Our favourite one is the Mediterranean Jasmine one as it just smells like Summer. It's gorgeous:

Fragrance notes: jasmine, honeysuckle, freesia & tuberose

  • Capacity: 50ml
  • Sola flower made of balsa wood diffuses the scent
  • Includes a miniature crystal glass bottle & 1x sola flower
  • Essential oils absorbed through the cotton wick
  • Oils turn the petals a matching shade
  • Flowers are handmade by skilled artisans
  • Environmentally friendly
  • More decadent fragrances available from Agraria

It is a PetitEssence diffuser from Agrarian. They also have larger sizes available.  It is an exquisite bouquet of fragrant florals, it has notes of Mediterranean jasmine, honeysuckle and gardenia buds effortlessly blended with freesia, lily of the valley and tuberose.

The essential oils are in a rich blue shade so the colour in the jar is a gorgeous blue and the flower turns blue. 

It can be used anywhere inside the house. It's perfect in a bathroom or bedroom or even on a desk. Such a pleasant smell and it's so pretty that the recipient will want more than one! 

Fraîcheur Paris Ice Globes

This is a really special thank you gift as it is essentially giving the recipient a Spa gift but one that will last much longer than a voucher or one treatment. 

These particular ones are used by celebrities, influencers etc but you can also find regular ice globes on amazon. FRAÎCHEUR means ‘freshness’ and they are designed to give the user an experience as if they are at the Spa. Specialising in decadent cryo globes and made entirely from glass. 

Ice Globes Thank You Gift

FRAÎCHEUR PARIS Ice Globes are refreshing, cruelty-free and vegan.

They utilise the powers of cryotherapy. Cryotherapy uses cold temperatures to reduce blood flow and inflammation before encouraging greater circulation. That then leaves you with a radiant complexion. The ice globes are spherical and filled with anti-freeze liquid and on glass stems so they stay colder for longer than an ice cube would.

The cold on your skin works to tighten it and improves blood circulation. The cold causes your blood vessels to constrict. The cryo globe can diminish dark circles, soothe persistent acne, tend to sunburn, heal scars, bestow glow and reduce puffiness. What a treat and what a thank you gift! The recipient will be trying to buy you a gift in return as another thank you for this one!


Anything to do with writing - whether it's a writing set, notepad, pen, paper etc is a great thank you gift. A lot of us spend so much times on our screens that we forget to switch off and go back to basics. Often. thought is clearer when we write instead of type and giving a journal as a thank you gift allows the recipient to have some alone time and it's a gift that they will appreciate and continue to appreciate every time they use it.

There are some great journals out there but if you want the best of the best, always stick with Moleskine! The quality is great and they come in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes so regardless of who you are buying one for as a thank you gift, there will be one that suits the recipient. 



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