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Custom Hawaiian shirts

Create custom Hawaiian Shirts for your next big corporate event, for resale, for staff uniforms and for fun, memorable gifts. Our shirts are custom, eco-friendly and sustainable, which means you can create something truly special for your brand.

Create Sustainable Swag just like our other clients…

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Bright, Loud and Fun!

You can create your very own custom Hawaiian Shirts. Made from 100% recycled polyester - these shirts look and feel amazing!

  • Super fast, 30 day production (express orders also available).
  • We help create your design.
  • Super soft, amazing quality.
  • International shipping.
blue custom hawaiian shirt
custom hawaiian shirt delivery

How long does it take to make the Hawaiian shirts?

It usually takes about 30 days and then 3-5 more for delivery. We have multiple delivery options based on urgency.

We have a huge amount of experience making fully customized Hawaiian shirts, sweaters and other stuff for major brands and campaigns, all from scratch. This means we make stuff more efficiently and reliably than anyone else in the world. If you need the shirts for an event or a specific date just let us know and we'd be delighted to work out a timeline that best suits your needs.

Pricing - Minimum order just 50 units.

50 - 99 units: 

€36.95 each (ex VAT)

100 - 249 units:

€31.95 each (ex VAT)

250 - 499 units:

€27.95 each (ex VAT)

500+ units:

€26.95 each (ex VAT)

custom hawaiian shirt fabric
branded hawaiian shirt

Can I get my own branded label on the Hawaiian shirt?

Yes, absolutely. Everything we make can be fully branded.

That means we can even put a custom label on the Hawaiian shirt - made from scratch, just like everything else, so you can have your logo on the label, along with any colors, styles, messaging etc. If you don't want our name anywhere, that's absolutely no problem. We're making your shirts and we want to make sure they look and feel great for you.

How do I design my own Hawaiian Shirt?

If you have your own designer or are a designer yourself, we have handy templates that we can share.

There are so many options when it comes to creating your own branded Hawaiian shirts - you can use any colours and any design. This includes the collars, the short sleeves, the front and back of the shirts. We use pantones to ensure that your shirt colours will print exactly how you want them.

Most of our clients go for some sort of floral print but the options are endless. If you need help with design we have a full design team that will be happy to help create something totally unique.

custom hawaiian shirt design
custom sustainable hawaiian shirt

What fabric are they made from?

We're thrilled to say that we use recycled polyester.

The fabric feels fantastic and is light and breathable - super comfy and easy to care for. As we're passionate about sustainability, everything we make is likely to be loved and should last some time so won't end up in the garbage. While we try our best to use the best fabrics, we don't compromise on the quality of the product - it's hugely important that the shirts look and feel amazing.

These shirts meet all our quality standards and look out of this world. If you would prefer to create cotton Hawaiian shirts, we would of course be happy to help. We also make rayon Hawaiian shirts.  

Small selection of our custom Hawaiian shirts featured in the photo gallery: