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Create Sustainable Swag just like our other clients…

Fast Turnaround

Super fast, 30-35 day production (express orders also available)

Sustainable, Quality Material

Sustainable, long lasting products that won’t end up in landfill.

Low Minimum Order

We have a low minimum order at just 50 units.

Hoodies Your Team Will Love To Wear...

The most sustainable and comfortable hoodie you can get...

  • Super fast, 15-20 day production (express orders also available)!
  • We help create your design!
  • Super soft, amazing quality!

Custom Hoodies - Pricing

Minimum order just 50 units.

50-99€41.50 per unit (ex VAT)
€36.95 per unit (ex VAT)
250-499€30.50 per unit (ex VAT)
500+€27.95 per unit (ex VAT)


Waste / Landfill

We are fighting a huge battle against landfill - our mission is to help brands create merch that everyone loves and really wants to use. Creating unique styles that are loved and re-worn over and over again is our aim. These hoodies look great and last longer than just about any others on the market - you'll want to keep them forever!


Our hoodies are made using 85% cotton and 25% recycled polyester. The resulting fabric is amazing - the hoodies are soft and durable, and they wear and wash exceptionally well. Lots of (very) high end brands have started using this fabric on their premium shirts so you can be sure the quality is outstanding. We've investigated thoroughly and this is the most sustainable fabric you could possibly use.

Work Conditions

We have been working with a select group of production partners for years now, and they're truly amazing.  The work conditions for staff are absolutely excellent - our production partners are audited independently and we also visit the factories periodically to check for ourselves.  We take care to never work with cheap, dangerous, expolitative production partners.

Tree Planting

Of course, we also plant a tree for every item we make.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

Simply select the number of hoodies you'd like to order in the menu above and fill out some basic details. Our team are always on call during business hours, so someone should be back to you within an hour max.

Do I need my own design?

If you have your own design, that's great just send it through (any format is fine). If you need help, we have an awesome design team that will work with you to create something amazing. All we need is the logo and the colors and we'll create something awesome - we're happy to incorporate any ideas or directions you might have.

What is the turnaround time?

Production time is typically 15-20 days and shipping is 3-5 days. If you need it sooner, we do offer a rush order service so please just ask.

What is the minimum order?

Just 50 hoodies.

What are the hoodies used for?

The hoodies are used as social media gifts, staff gifts and for launches. They're also frequently resold for brands, influencers, high school, universities, breweries, etc, and are great incentive gifts for employees working from home! Our hoodies have popped up all over the world.

Do you deliver worldwide?

Of course, we deliver worldwide.

Is there a charge for design?

If you're ordering, there is no additional charge for design. There is a very small deposit which we take if you require the services of our desing team, but this is fully refunded against your order.

Is there a delivery charge?

There is a small delivery charge. If you let us know where the hoodies are going we'll be happy to work out any additional costs for you.


One tree planted for every item

We make it easier to choose sustainable options for your swag. You can create amazing merch your team will love (and share). And for every item you make, one tree will be planted in areas where they need them most.


trees planted